US-Amplify Mission

US-Amplify prides itself on making business easier in an information-saturated world by helping companies connect with the true meaning and magic of their data.

Staying ahead in business today requires the ability to manage and decipher complex data quickly and efficiently. This may involve simple email messaging management, archiving, searching and protecting your email or more complex requirements such as migrating your email archive to a new hosted solution - the “cloud”.

The US-Amplify team is here to help you. We look at every project as being unique and work with your team to develop a complete solution that will cater to your individual business needs.

As a leading consulting firm with experienced and fully certified individuals, US-Amplify maintains the highest levels of partnership with Symantec, TransVault, Archive360, and Microsoft software companies to provide best-practice services around solving complex business needs.

US-Amplify is a division of US-Analytics Solutions Group. US-Analytics is a full-service Oracle Hyperion consulting firm helping the nation's largest and brightest companies bridge the gap between goals and IT deliverables. If you have any business needs for Oracle enterprise performance management and business analytics, please visit