US-Amplify’s multitalented consultants are fully certified on TransVault Migrator technology and have the background and experience your company needs when working on a migration project. Our consultants will use their email archiving and messaging server engineering skills to install and configure a two-step archive migration solution that will fit the specific needs of your business.

“Thank you for all the hard work and help that you have done for us. You are exceptionally knowledgeable with the TransVault product, Symantec Enterprise Vault and email in general as indicated by the work you have done for us. I never once had any doubt in such a huge undertaking as migrating over 4.3TB’s of email data from one email archiving solution to Evault via TransVault with you as our lead. The bottom line is I appreciate US-Amplify for assigning to us such a great technician to help us with our project.”

– Joey Tucker, Exchange Administrator, The Benchmark Group