Together with Archive360, US-Amplify has been able to offer migration solutions to migrate client’s email archive data to new platforms in the cloud and/or on premises from nine different sources.

Archive2Anywhere email archive migration solution is designed to quickly and securely migrate legacy email archive content to a new archive repository, or other location, with 100% message fidelity and chain of custody audit reporting. Archive2Anywhere works with all the leading email archiving solutions and combines tight application integration, high performance and reporting in a single, easy to install, trouble-free solution.





Archive2Anywhere has a modular architecture that allows it to scale both horizontally for performance needs and vertically for additional functionality. Multi-threaded, multi-server framework is tuned for performance and accuracy.

Data Extraction

The Archive2Anywhere extraction engines fully integrate with the legacy archive at the database and storage level.  Because of this integration, time consuming pre-indexing or categorization is never required, enabling mailbox and journal account extraction within hours of installation.

Archive2Anywhere has native extraction engines for the following products:

  • Veritas Enterprise Vault
  • Veritas Enterprise Vault.Cloud
  • Autonomy EAS
  • Mimosa NearPoint
  • EMC SourceOne
  • EMC EmailXtender
  • MX Logic
  • Dell MessageOne 
  • AXS-One


The Archive2Anywhere ingestion engines fully integrate with the target systems, enabling data to be transferred in real-time between source and target while maintaining chain of custody and orphaned/corrupt data reporting.

Archive2Anywhere has native ingestion engines for the following products:

  • Native Exchange Formats: MSG, PST
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 – 2015 Active and Personal Archive
  • Microsoft Office 365 Active and Personal Archive
  • Open Standard Format: EML/RFC-822
  • Gmail and Google Vault 

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To learn more about Office 365 migration download the free White Paper. 

Guide to Migration to Exchange Online and Office 365