Implementing Enterprise Vault is an immense undertaking.

With Veritas’s introduction of Enterprise Vault 12, there is a change in the operating system and hardware requirements. Due to this adjustment, it’s normal that both hardware upgrade and a change of operating system are required. These significant changes require careful planning and consideration.

Our certified US-Amplify consultants use best practice methodologies to avoid common pitfalls such as:


  • An unpleasant end-user experience.
  • An unstable system.
  • Incompatibility with other software vendors.

Additionally, our team takes into account the various types of archiving offered by Enterprise Vault, providing you with a clear picture as to how the product will be implemented within the environment to meet your specific requirements.

Perspective + Opportunity + Solution

Using filters and intelligent archiving, we will ensure that unwanted data is not archived while working with you to develop different backup strategies to protect your critical data, ensuring that you can recover from various types of data loss. We strive to outfit your team with the knowledge they need to continue to maintain the complexities Enterprise Vault long after your implementation. Our experts will ensure that your implementation is a smooth one.