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Adopting Microsoft Office365 doesn’t have to be complicated. US-Amplify Office 365 Managed Services make sure your organization is fully-equipped for planning, production and maintenance. We've got you covered:


Have you defined organizational units, roles, and license rights for Office365?


Office365 offers role based management for the whole Office365 tenant which doesn’t provide much flexibility for large organizations. This is where Delegate365 comes in. Instead of using the standard roles portal administrators can define any number of organizational units and who should be the admin of a specific unit. You would now be able to even go one step further and designate what licenses a unit can use. This is just a snapshot of the features and benefits this solution provides. Delegate365 adds functionality on top of Office365 and provides easy management of your users. 

Have you decided the order of groups of users to be migrated?

Migration Project Plan.

A migration project plan should be put in place with the help of your solution provider and Microsoft architect. A checklist should be provided and a rollout plan for each group of users according to the needs of the business and network bandwidth/ downtimes. The decision should also be made as to whether a simultaneous migration of users and email archives would be the best approach. This may include a POC to understand what ingestion speeds your source and target environment will allow.


Is manual migration the right approach for you?

User Migration- Once you have defined your approach and the ideal plan is established a migration tool will be the path of least resistance. Mailbox migration automation is taking migration management to a new level. SkyKick is highly recommended by Microsoft and has one of the best ROI’s. Their tool eliminates guess work by discovering mailboxes, easily handling complex migration scenarios, and assigning user licenses for Office365. SkyKick's Migration Sync technology orchestrates the entire migration project, keeping all the critical pieces in sync. During the migration process it utilizes an Outlook assistant to make sure mailboxes are configured appropriately in Office365. Utilizing these offerings from Skykick allows US-Amplify to migrate thousands of users without needing them to lift a finger.

Archive Migration- After or during the mailbox migration most organizations want to move their email archive into Office365’s online archiving. A manual approach isn’t even a viable option for most organizations legal departments. Message auditing and chain of custody provide piece of mind that each message has been accounted for. Two of the leading technology companies today in this field offer a seamless approach with no impact to end users during the migration. Email archive migration doesn’t come with an easy button but certified experts can offer end to end managed offerings to take the burden off IT’s back. TransVault and Archive360 offer fast user friendly migration tools that deliver a user’s archived mail into their online archive. TransVault even utilizes Compliance Time Machine which takes a Journal mailbox and explodes it back into each message owner’s mailbox for compliant eDiscovery according to Microsoft best practices. Migrating your archive allows for decommissioning of storage platforms and an end to costly maintenance renewal for your legacy source system.

PST Migration- PST’s may be lingering around or controlling your user environment today so there isn’t a better time to take action and manage them. There are options for locating, managing, and migrating those PST’s into Office365. This allows for a fresh organized start in your cloud environment.


Now that you have your users up and running in Office365 have you considered the best way to manage them and protect your data?

User Management- With the ease of an intuitive interface, add or remove employees, manage password resets, and control user access across multiple SaaS providers from one dashboard. Templates allow you to manage groups of users without stress with options to change providers, licenses, distribution groups, and other attributes for a team or user with a single click.

Backup- Everyone needs a reliable backup. Think about how many times a day you would need a backup of Office365 to feel comfortable. How about six times? It is possible to backup your customer's Exchange, SharePoint, or OneDrive for Business data up to 6x daily. This offering works for one simple per user / month price, with no data limits. There is nothing to setup and everything is auto-discovered. The one-touch restore has fast search and immediate restore for peace of mind.


These are all flexible managed offerings to make your road to Office365 a success. Please click on the links below for more information or contact us at