Accelerate your time to value.

infosecThe Veritas NetBackup™ 5320 Appliance provides industry-leading backup performance in physical and virtualized environments, flexible expansion capacity, and the backup industry’s lowed TCO/highest ROI.

ProLaunch NetBackup™ 5320 from US-Amplify increases the value and benefits of this solution.

Our Veritas Certified Netbackup consultants will rapidly install and configure your new NetBackup appliances with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. As a Veritas Gold Partner and ‘Services Expert,’ US-Amplify has achieved Veritas’s highest level of technical certification and proficiency on NetBackup.

ProLaunch Services:
• Rack and Stack NetBackup Appliance
• Flash NetBackup Appliance with Latest Software Version
• Install and Configure the NetBackup Appliance
• Test the NetBackup Appliance
• Create Storage Lifecycle Policies
• Update Existing Clients
• Update Existing Policies
• Attached Tape Devices
• Operational Training
• Documentation
• Exclusions