US-Amplify Platinum Partners:

delegate 365

Delegate365 is an easy-to-use, web-based portal for delegated user and license management in Microsoft Office 365™. With Delegate365 portal administrators can define users to manage their office, department or organizational unit in a simple portal. Common tasks like creating users, units or distribution lists or resetting passwords can easily be performed with little effort and only for the zone where the local administrator is entitled.


Evolving into one of the largest software companies in the world, Symantec helps provide security, storage, and systems management solution to help customers of all sizes- from consumers and small business to large global organizations. We provide many Symantec solutions including Enterprise Vault,, Clearwell, NetBackup, and BackupExec.


World leader in email archive migration and PST content that assists in migrating data to new on-premise archives or into the cloud. Products are engineered to manage the highest complexity and volume while still protecting the business regulatory aspect of your emails and not compromising the end-user experience. We have successfully partnered with TransVault on a multitude of migrations from various source and target destinations.


US-Amplify Gold Partners:


Archive360 is setting the standard for technologically advanced software tools for email archive migrations, and handles the most demanding archive migration projects in the world.  Archive360 is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and works with a global network of migration specialists and archive solution vendors.  All solutions are designed to protect records with complete chain of custody reporting, and are engineered to meet the most demanding archive migration projects in the world.


Binary Tree is the leading provider of messaging and collaboration transformation technology and solutions for the Microsoft platform in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments. They provide SMART Managed Migrations, remote engagements that eliminate the costs behind on-site expenses. They take pride in the top-of-the-line processes and technology that leave customer satisfaction high and projects successful. They have migrated over 25 million users globally and are Microsoft’s exclusive vendor for migrating Notes to Exchange Online. They also carry a Gold Certification for Microsoft and are Advanced Business Partners for IBM.


Common Desk is a leader in the industry, providing solutions that enable employee productivity while providing enterprises with the tools necessary to ensure that they are secure and compliant while protecting shareholder interests.


Focused on eliminating chaos, excessive costs, and complexity, CommVault was launched to give companies a more efficient way to protect, manage, and gain business value from their data. We have partnered with CommVault on numerous migrations to give the customer the total solution.


Relentlessly focused on all things data, they are dedicated to providing organizations worldwide with a radically better way to protect, manage and access data and information. The Microsoft Office Division focuses on productivity products and services including Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Project, Visio, and Microsoft’s speech technology investments.


Helping organizations and businesses of all sizes to protect their users and data from security threats, and to archive all their human-generated data – from voice, through email, to files and IM in a compliant, cloud-based archive


With customers around the world in industries from government and law enforcement to corporate regulatory bodies, Nuix is a key leader in eDiscovery, electronic investigation and information governance. Their technology allows them to search, investigate, and actively manage unstructured sets of data so that organizations can respond quickly and effectively to litigation or regulatory action.